The Snap Back Theory

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Playfulness invitation
The Power of Playfulness

It’s always good to write down what you think about something before you start a process and then test it at the end to see if you still think that way. We all have our own theories and thoughts about different issues, but it is in the testing that our theory is either proved or makes way for another. So here are my ponderings on playfulness as of February 2021.

“Playfulness is an invitation. It doesn’t impose, it won’t dictate. Rather, it teases, encourages and offers a chance to let go for a while and provides a glimpse that there may be new opportunities, new doorways to explore and a new way of thinking.” Tracy Spiers

My theory is what I call the Snap Back theory. Consider a child’s popper flip toy, which the mathematicians and physicists call snap-through buckling, which is a type of instability. It is essentially an inside out shape which remains that way until it is placed on a stable surface, causing it to snap back into its natural shape and leap upwards. The snap back is not however immediate, there is a delay. I believe at heart we are all essentially playful, child-like and have the potential to return or ‘snap back’ to that state if given the opportunity. This isn’t ignoring responsibility, rather it is trusting that by adopting a playful attitude we will embrace the challenges of responsibility with a more positive approach. 

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