The Golden Ticket

Charlie picked it up and tore off the wrapper …and suddenly …from underneath the wrapper …there came a brilliant flash of gold. Charlie’s heart stood still.  “It’s a Golden Ticket!” screamed the shopkeeper, leaping about a foot in the air. “You’ve got a Golden Ticket! You’ve found the last Golden Ticket!” I personally believe that… Continue reading The Golden Ticket

Light bulb moments

We all need those light bulb or Eureka moments. In Greek, Eureka literally means ‘I have found it,’ and was famously shouted by Archimedes in his bathtub, when he discovered the core principle of buoyancy. In 1666, the sight of an apple falling to the ground at his family’s estate in Lincolnshire, inspired Cambridge University… Continue reading Light bulb moments

Entering the play-world

As I begin to embrace playfulness and attempt to recapture a childlike sense of wonder, I do recognise that humour is a key part of my playfulness. There is a teasing element to what I do as I play with words and objects, changing them or taking them out of context to give them status… Continue reading Entering the play-world

Living Playfully

I have been thinking about what I do and why I do it. For me, playfulness is a way of living. It is not the same as play, which is generally considered an activity and has an end, or as the 20th century philosopher Johan Huizinga in his 1949 infamous book, ‘Homo Ludens: A Study of… Continue reading Living Playfully