Out of the blue

Sometimes we do mundane ordinary things without thinking, they just become a part of routine. But what does mundane mean? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means ‘very ordinary and therefore not interesting. Other phrases associated with mundane include tedious, repetitive, boring, everyday and commonplace. My challenge is how can I punctuate this with playfulness? Starting with my everyday walk to town, this is my blue walk. Within 0.8 miles, my challenge was to find 18 blue objects and record them.

Blue Walk 1
Blue Walk 2

I then took the shapes that were blue in some of the pictures and played around with them, using their different shades and adding texture to them. It was autotelic and had no other purpose than enjoying the deconstruction of the walk in shapes.

Blue Walk deconstructed

I also wanted to look more closely at a couple of the objects – the water bottle and the blue corner light of the car and see if I could make abstract images using some of the line, form and colour.

The blue water bottle
playing with the shapes of the bottle lid
Corner light on blue car

Using the line, colour and shape, I created the following image, which I personally felt captured my playfulness. It no longer looks like a car light, but something completely different. I can’t put my finger on the why, but it makes me feel joyful looking at it.

Playful abstract

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