Indeterminate Images – Experiment One (Bubbles)

lion roar crop

The whole idea of creating images that sit between something abstract and recognisable takes me out of my comfort zone. I am a communicator and like to be clear in what I say, write or illustrate, so to create and present images that are ambiguous and indecipherable is challenging. But it is in moving into unknown territory, which threatens what is familiar to us, that we grow and learn something new.

Interestingly the first experiment has a starting point with something that is playful, fun and something I adore – bubbles. The act of blowing them is evocative, there is an immediate connection to childhood and even as I look up and see the bubbles blowing in the wind, I am drawn in by their beautiful colours as the light shines on their delicate sphere before they burst within seconds. The act of using slow motion video enabled me to enjoy the dance, and randomly capture snapshots.

What I used for the experiment
The rules and starting point

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