Childhood play & adult creativity

I have been reading Patrick Bateson and Paul Martin’s book ‘Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation’ and was struck by their chapter, Childhood play and creativity where they pose the question, ‘does play in childhood enhance creativity in later life?’ They demise that obtaining good evidence about the effects of childhood play on creativity is hard, but believe that playful… Continue reading Childhood play & adult creativity

The Snap Back Theory

It’s always good to write down what you think about something before you start a process and then test it at the end to see if you still think that way. We all have our own theories and thoughts about different issues, but it is in the testing that our theory is either proved or… Continue reading The Snap Back Theory

Bubble Play

In his book, Play Matters, Miguel Sicart maintains that playfulness and play are different. He believes that play is an activity as opposed to playfulness, which he states is an attitude. “An activity is a coherent and finite set of actions performed for certain purpose, while an attitude is a stance toward an activity –… Continue reading Bubble Play

The Journey Begins

Why study playfulness? I landed on earth as man landed on the moon. Not one for direction-following, I arrived feet first and have liked to do things differently ever since. The inquisitive ‘what ifs’ that Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean is so good at, have got me into a few spots of trouble in the past.… Continue reading The Journey Begins